In Memory

  This page is dedicated to the Fallen Ohio Officers of the Columbus Division of Police and their dedication to protect and serve.  May we never forget……..                                                  

It is not how these officers died that made them heroes it is how they lived.  

 Vivian Eney, Survivor

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In May We Remember The Following CPD Fallen Heroes:

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Patrolman Edward J. Murphy:  EOW – Saturday, May 11th, 1935

Patrolman Edward J. Murphy became a policeman on October 9, 1922. One of the most beloved officers on the force, he met his death on May 11, 1935, in a gun battle with a burglary suspect in a building at Long and High Streets. The officer was assigned to the No. 1 cruiser with John P. Sears at the time.  He had cornered the burglar in a stairway landing to the basement of the building and had emptied his gun at the man.  As he started down the steps after the suspect, the man opened fire.  Four shots struck Patrolman Murphy.  The suspect was later captured and electrocuted in Ohio Penitentiary. 

Patrolman Murphy’s partner was killed in the line of duty the following year when he fell from the same building Patrolman Murphy was killed in during a search for a warrant.

Patrolman Murphy had served with the agency for 13 years.


Patrolman Robert F. Lisska:  EOW – Wednesday, May 26th, 1965

Patrolman Robert F. Lisska, 36, who entered the department July 1,1959, was the 32nd officer killed in the line of duty.  On May 27, 1965, he was on motorcycle patrol on Columbus’ West Side when, in trying to avoid an automobile that had changed lanes into his path, his cycle went out of control and hit a pole.  Lisska suffered a fractured skull and died instantly.  The driver of the car was later apprehended and charged with changing lanes without safety. He and his wife had three children. 


Officer Walter O. Womeldorf:  EOW – Friday, May 29th, 1925

Detective Walter O. Womeldorf entered the department July 1, 1920, and was shot to death May 29, 1925.  He was working with fellow officers and probation agents when bootleggers were apprehended in the vicinity of Mt. Vernon and Taylor Avenues.  A shooting affray resulted and in the darkness, Detective Womeldorf was mistaken for one of the bootleggers and was shot and killed by one of this his own party.