In Memory

  This page is dedicated to the Fallen Ohio Officers of the Columbus Division of Police and their dedication to protect and serve.  May we never forget……..


It is not how these officers died that made them heroes it is how they lived.  

 Vivian Eney, Survivor

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In September We Remember The Following CPD Fallen Heroes:

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Officer Martin Yawarsky:  EOW – Saturday, September 6th, 1980

Officer Martin W. Yawarsky, 25, entered the department on August 10, 1978.  On September 6, 1980, at approximately 3:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to Cleveland and 23rd Avenues where a man reportedly had a gun.  The patrol van in which Officer Yawarsky was a passenger and another cruiser responding to the same call, collided at the intersection of 26th and Hamilton Avenues. The van then struck a third vehicle and flipped onto its top. Officer Yawarsky was pronounced dead at the scene.  A prisoner being transported in the van was also killed.  Two other officers and the two occupants of the third vehicle were injured in the collision.

Detective Abe Kleeman:  EOW – Friday, September 15th, 1899

On September 10, 1899, Detective Kleeman and Detective George Gaston engaged in a shooting affray with Charles Dumont at Poplar and Harrison Avenues, and Dumont, with four bullets in his body, died during the battle.

Detective Kleeman, badly wounded, died September 15, and Detective Gaston, wounded in the forehead, carried the bullet from the gun battle to his grave.

Detective Kleeman had served with the agency for ten years.

Patrolman Adolph Schneider:  EOW – Thursday, September 23rd, 1920

He had arrested the man and was transporting him to jail when the man pulled a gun out. During the struggle the patrol car crashed at the intersection of Town Street and Front Street. Patrolman Schneider was ejected from car during the accident. He succumbed to his injuries several days later.

The prisoner was charged with causing Patrolman Schneider’s death. He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years in prison on May 10, 1921.

Patrolman Schneider had been with the agency for 21 years.