In Memory

  This page is dedicated to the Fallen Ohio Officers of the Columbus Division of Police and their dedication to protect and serve.  May we never forget……..


It is not how these officers died that made them heroes it is how they lived.  

 Vivian Eney, Survivor

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In July We Remember The Following CPD Fallen Heroes:

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Patrolman Thomas Day:  EOW – Tuesday, July 7th, 1931

Patrolman Thomas Day was killed in an automobile accident while on duty.

Patrolman Day apprehended a suspect and at that time the practice was to have the suspect drive the police car to headquarters while the officer guarded him. This particular suspect, by intent or inability, was unable to handle the vehicle and careened wildly into a utility pole. Patrolman Day was killed. It is not known what became of the suspect.

Patrolman Day had been with the agency for 11 years and was survived by his wife and children.

Police Officer Keith Lee Evans: EOW – Sunday, July 9th, 1995

Officer Evans died from injuries sustained on July 3rd while directing traffic for 4th of July celebrations. A drunk motorist that Officer Evans had stopped at an intersection became irate and attempted to drive through. Officer Evans attempted to stop him by reaching into the car to turn off the ignition. The motorist dragged Officer Evans several feet before he fell off of the car and struck his head on the pavement. The suspect was arrested a short time later and served six months of jail time for Officer Evans’ death.

Officer Evans had been with his department for 25 years and was due to retire in less than a year.

Patrolman Ross Porter:  EOW – Monday, July 23rd, 1934

Patrolman Ross Porter entered the department March 27, 1922.  On May 23, 1934, while making an emergency run, the car in which he and Patrolman Uhlan Boystel were riding collided with another auto and then struck a building.  Patrolman Porter died in St. Francis Hospital exactly two months later of injuries received in the crash.  Officer Boystel was not injured in the accident.He had been with the agency for 12 years.

Officer Daniel Alfred Redding:  EOW – Tuesday, July 27th, 1965

Officer Daniel Redding succumbed to an infection which set in after injuring his leg while chasing a burglary suspect four years earlier. During the pursuit he cut his leg on a fence and had to seek medical treatment. Officer Redding required 27 surgeries to his leg before succumbing to the infections.

Officer Redding had been with the agency for 10 years.