In Memory

  This page is dedicated to the Fallen Ohio Officers of the Columbus Division of Police and their dedication to protect and serve.  May we never forget……..


It is not how these officers died that made them heroes it is how they lived.  

 Vivian Eney, Survivor

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In November We Remember The Following CPD Fallen Heroes:

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Lieutenant Allen Fraley:  EOW – Friday, November 6th, 1964

Lieutenant Allen Fraley was shot and killed while confronting a rape suspect.

When Lieutenant Fraley and his partner arrived at the apartment of the suspect, a woman opened the door and the officers identified themselves, asking if the suspect was there. The woman opened the door wide, stepped out of the way and the suspect shot Lieutenant Fraley in the abdomen. Lieutenant Fraley’s partner, Officer Bankert, broke into the room but the suspect escaped by leaping out of the window.

Lieutenant Fraley was taken to University Hospital as a massive manhunt was organized; despite the efforts of the hospital staff and the many persons who responded to a call for blood donations, Lieutenant Fraley died at 11:50 p.m.

The suspect was captured in front of 82 Price Avenue.

The suspect plead an insanity defense, but was convicted and sentenced to death. After a round of appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court set an execution date of June 6, 1967. On or about June 2, 1967, the suspects execution was stayed for another appeal. At some point, the suspect’s sentence was commuted to life in prison. The suspect continued to seek a new trial and parole for many years until he died in prison.

Lieutenant Fraley had served with the Columbus Division of Police for 14 years and had previously served with the United States Navy. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

Patrolman James Ballard:  EOW – Monday, November  9th, 1914

Patrolman James Ballard was shot and killed while responding to a burglary in progress at a tavern at the intersection of Oak Street and Parsons Avenue. The suspect escaped with an accomplice but both were apprehended 48 hours later. The shooter was sentenced to death and the accomplice was sentenced to life.

On July 15, 1915, the shooter’s death sentence was commuted to life. On July 25, 1932, he was pardoned by Governor George White because he was in imminent danger of death. He died from heart disease five days later.

Patrolman Ballard was a U.S. Army veteran of the Spanish American War and had served with the Columbus Division of Police for one year.

Detective William O’Rouke:  EOW – Saturday, November 24th, 1917

Detective O’Rourke was shot and killed while working a pawnshop detail. The suspect was apprehended and executed in the electric chair.

Detective O’Rourke had served with the agency for 29 years.

Patrolman Granston P. Koehler:  EOW – Tuesday, November 28th, 1922

Patrolman Koehler was shot and killed and his partner was wounded in a gun battle with four men whom the officers had pulled over in a stolen car. Less than 24 hours later, police had shot and killed one suspect and captured two others. The fourth suspect was apprehended in Cleveland the next day.

The suspect who killed Patrolman Koehler was convicted of his murder and was executed in the electric chair on April 13, 1923. The other two were convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. One was pardoned by Governor Frank Lausche January 26, 1955. The other suspect was allowed to go to work outside the prison on August 30, 1952. He never returned. At the time of the other suspects pardon he had not been recaptured.

Patrolman Koehler had served with the agency for 9 years.

Patrolman John Sears:  EOW – Monday, November 30th, 1936

Patrolman John Sears fell to his death from a building during a search warrant. The incident happened as he attempted to force entry to the building.

The building was the same location that Patrolman Sears’ partner was shot and killed in the line of duty the previous year.

Patrolman Sears had served with the Columbus Division of Police for 14 years. He was survived by his wife and son.